Tammy Tansley
I am a coffee loving, energetic human who loves words, bright colours and spots, silly t'shirts and good champagne. Mum to two beautiful mischiefs. Long time wanderer around the world. Author. Blogger. Speaker.
The C Word.  It’s a word that we’re hearing over and over again.  A word used in explanation of both extraordinary successes and spectacular failures. Culture : the way we
It has always fascinated me how the same situation can affect two people so very differently.  And how some truly do triumph over adversity.  Think Nelson Mandela, Anne Frank; the
17 Jun 2013
One of my favourite clients recently asked if I could help them develop an organisation specific change model. They’d read a lot about change. They knew all about the ADKAR
10 Jun 2013
I visited a new site today to catch up with an old contact. Upon entry to the site I was greeted with a warm smile from the lady at the front
Last week I attended a client event, where the fabulous “Mr Cricket” had the opportunity to share his views on the key attributes of a high performing team. With thanks
This morning I had the honour of having breakfast with Sir Bob Geldof (well, me and a ballroom full of other people). I have been along to a few of
21 May 2013
I had a couple of interactions over the last week that absolutely reinforced to me the need for “simplexity”. The first occured with a client who I have been helping