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A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on the angry employee in the workplace. Taking that further, a commenter asked for tips on how to deal with the apathetic employee.
It strikes me as remarkable that at a time when organisations are actively looking for ways to sustain their competitive advantage; the ability to effectively deal with one of the
There are change models aplenty – many taking their cue either from the Kotter school or from the field of psychology that considers the emotional aspects of change.  These models
At a party the other night, I heard an amusing story that went as follows: the little brother would demand two coins from his sister in exchange for one coin.
Last week I heard from a friend who had, somewhat unexpectedly found herself out of a job.  A very senior executive in a high profile financial institution: both talented and experienced;
7 Sep 2011
So every week or so, I plonk the baby in the car and head to my Mum’s to have a coffee and talk about life, love and the universe.  These
The psych contract is an interesting contract .. it’s formed early on in the relationship and is based not only the written, formal contract between an organization and the employee,