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Hi, I’m Tammy Tansley, the principal consultant behind Tammy Tansley Leadership and Workplace Culture, Tammy Tansley Investigations and Tammy Tansley Coaching. I’m also an author, speaker, media commentator, current judge for Telstra Best of Business Awards and People and Culture sub committee member for Dieticians Australia.

I work with organisations and individuals to provide support and solutions to (often difficult) people related issues in a positive and proactive way.

My approach in both the consulting, investigations and coaching arm of the business is about providing leading-edge, effective, practical and innovative solutions that achieve immediate but sustainable results through one-on-one coaching, team coaching, group facilitation or consulting.

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Working with Tammy Tansley has influenced and help shape a competent and highly functioning leadership team. She continuously inspires us to be at our best. Her integrity and clarity instil great motivation and a clear pathway to excellence. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with Tammy.
When I was promoted to CFO, I asked Tammy to help me develop the skills and confidence I needed for the new role.  With Tammy’s help I realised that I already had them, I just needed some assistance in unlocking them.  Tammy and I worked through a number of diverse areas including conflict management, fear of public speaking, identifying and dealing with different behaviours, removing catastrophic thinking and effective staff appraisals.  Tammy challenged my preconceptions, pushed me to do things I didn’t want to do and was not scared to point out when I was not following the path we had embarked on.  As we near the end of this path I feel that I am a different person professionally and personally than when we started.  My self-confidence, ways of thinking and general effectiveness have all improved significantly.  I look forward to calling on Tammy in the future as I continue my journey of self-improvement.
With Tammy’s coaching, I have learnt not only to be a better leader for my team but also gain confidence and take charge of my own development.  Every session with Tammy was informative and insightful.  There were many light bulb moments and share of laughter and tears too!  Tammy was my coach at the beginning of the journey but at the end, I realised I have also gained a friend!
I joined Brownes nearly 7 years ago and Tammy was one of the first people I met and she still continues (thankfully) to play a key role within Brownes and also to me personally. Her leadership experience and knowledge is second to none and what works is her no-nonsense, practical and simple advice and coaching on various matters ranging from dealing with conflict, questionable leadership styles, organisational culture to negotiation and change management to name but a few. Tammy’s openness and honesty combined with her extremely personable style encourages that trust and respect to be built very early on in the relationship and it just continues to grow and develop, as have I both personally and as an HR Leader with Tammy’s support and guidance. Thank you Tammy for your help over the last 7 years for myself and for Brownes, I would recommend you in a heartbeat!
I would just like to express my sincere gratitude for your amazing support during the past few months. Your professional advice and extensive knowledge of the issues we needed to resolve gave me great confidence when confronted with such a difficult and uncomfortable HR situation.
Putting in a new process to manage performance is simple. However, changing a process without the right mindset and behaviours can lead to the new process failing. We engaged with Tammy Tansley on how we can embed effective coaching skills for our leaders. Tammy developed an amazing program designed to provide participants coaching experiences from an array of perspectives. This unique program has participants being coached, coaching others and providing feedback to their peers about their coaching style. With Tammy’s array of experience with cultural change, leadership development and coaching, her facilitation style is inspirational, insightful and engaging. We will continue to work with Tammy to deliver this impactful coaching program as the feedback from participants has been nothing but positive!
Tammy has been a trusted advisor to me since we first met over a decade ago. I have always appreciated her strong values and sage advice. When I sought expertise to set a new team structure up for success, it was a “no-brainer” for me to reach out to Tammy to develop a workshop program that brought together current team theory with pragmatic and grounded reality of team dynamics. The feedback from the workshops was very complementary of Tammy’s approach and content; and the organisation observed that this process set them up for success by accelerating the team norming. More recently, Tammy has provided coaching sessions to a set of senior managers who have transitioned to new roles following organisational changes. In reviewing these sessions with the individuals, they mentioned that Tammy asked questions that got them thinking; that they identified key actions to build on their leadership approach during times of change; and, they valued having an external viewpoint. I can’t recommend Tammy highly enough to support organisational changes, particularly where external input to draw out issues and topics would benefit your organisation.
Tammy is an integral part of my team. She is strategically sharp, and her insights and advice have been instrumental in helping me change the shape of my firm and position us for our expansion into the NSW market in 2020. She has a rare ability to operate at both the tactical level (the day to day, which can be somewhat mundane but very important to get right) and the strategic. Her thinking always challenges me, always brings out the best in me and my team and always sees the situation holistically. I am indebted to her and consider her a critical part of our ongoing success.
Palmerston has worked with Tammy on a number of occasions over the last two years. Tammy’s engaging and pragmatic approach has been invaluable when facilitating workshops, consulting on restructure and organisational change management. Tammy listens, reflects and uses her wealth of knowledge and wisdom to add significant value to the organisations and leaders with whom she works. I highly recommend Tammy and will gladly be a referee
Tammy Tansley Consulting has been a reliable and highly valued partner to us since 2016. The professional advice and process guidance we receive from Tammy can always be trusted, and no task is too minor for her attention. Typically, our engagement of TTC relates to a business process involving personal anonymity and confidentiality. This is invariably conducted with the utmost professionalism and competence by Tammy
I've been working with Tammy for a while now and the Permission to Dream program has been the best activity to date. It's allowed me to pave my career journey at a steady pace while still holding me accountable for my actions. It gave me the flexibility to focus on my other dreams but opportunities to reflect on the program. The exercises and reading material provided me with tools to encourage, inspire and challenge me. I truly enjoyed the year and look forward to working with Tammy again in the future.
As a coach, I understand the importance of accountability, so when Tammy’s Permission to Dream programme popped into my orbit with the spotlight on ‘light-touch accountability’, I didn’t hesitate and jumped right in. Why so? Tammy is professional, thorough and incredibly generous with resources, In short, a great little programme that will force you to put the brakes on, look in the mirror, take stock, re-route and get back into gear again!
The very highly professional coaching skills used by Tammy were specifically tailored to boost confidence that the resilience and adaptability of individuals are attributes of our inner core. Revealing and making them shine is only a matter of a routine practice.
It is with pleasure that I write this endorsement for Tammy Tansley in my capacity as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Brownes Foods for the past seven years. Tammy worked closely with Brownes’ Human Resources Director to develop a number of employee development programs specifically curated around the company’s activities and the industry in which it operates. These programs ranged from floor supervisory level development to more senior managerial development with nearly 20% of employees completing a development program. They say that the proof is in the pudding, hence in this context with nearly 20 promotions from within over the past two years speaks volumes to the success of these programs and Tammy’s delivery.
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What I do. Why work with me?

Why work with me?

• Enhance your unique leadership style in order to help you perform at your best
• Increase your team’s productivity and performance
• Improve your promotion prospects
• Boost morale and improve overall workplace culture
• Develop tools that help you and your team deal with underlying issues and difficult conversations
• Guide your business through workplace change or industrial/workplace relations challenges or investigations
• Develop techniques for performance management (that work!)
• Reduce destructive conflict and improve morale within your teams
• Learn to breathe easier, sleep better and feel more confident