Permission to Dream

Permission to Dream

My new programme – Permission to achieve your dreams is now live – just in time for the new year.

What’s Permission to achieve your dreams about?

It’s a light touch accountability programme. What’s that? I hear you ask.. An accountability programme is where you set yourself some goals /dreams to achieve and then go about achieving those during the course of the year.

Why does it work?

It works because there is something extremely powerful about publicly voicing your goals or dreams, and then being accountable to bring those to life. There is also something incredibly satisfying in working with someone to celebrate your progress towards those goals/dreams (meaningful milestones).

There is a significant body of research on this.. it works! The being clear on your goals/dreams, the public accountability and most importantly – the acknowledgement and celebration of the journey and progress.

What do you get in the programme?

The programme runs from 12 months from when you sign up. You will immediately receive an email with some prompting questions to help you set your goals and dreams. And then each month, you’ll receive a follow up email asking how you are going with actioning what you said you would do.

Each month you’ll also receive some new tools to help you, and inspirational resources to allow you to think differently.

You’ll get a 30 minute complimentary Skype coaching session, that you can use at any time during the 12 months.

And you’ll get a copy of my first book – Do What You Say You’ll Do (aptly titled – yes?)


You can head here, and it will give you all the information you need – including a little video from me 🙂

Want more?

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If you’d like more information on great communication you can find my leadership book here which includes a wealth of free resources.

Until next week, happy leading.

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