Permission to achieve your dreams

What is it?

An ongoing accountability program that helps you get out of your own way and gives you permission
to achieve (and celebrate) your goals or dreams.

How does it work?

There is something extremely powerful about both publicly stating your goals and then being accountable to work towards making those goals happen.

And, there is also something quite magical about being able to celebrate progress towards those goals. It’s something we don’t do often enough.

How it works?

At the beginning of the programme, I email you some thought provoking questions. You then provide me with your goals/dreams for the year, and for the immediate month ahead. Then each month you check in via email on how you’re tracking towards your goals. Every month I send you a new tool or idea to build your toolkit and try out new ideas and ways of working. You will receive a copy of my first book – Do What You Say You’ll Do which contains a wealth of resources and ideas. And you will have one 30 minute skype coaching session to use at any time during the twelve month programme.

Who am I?
I am a leadership and workplace culture expert and coach and author. I consult to organizations and coach individuals. You may have read my regular column in the Sunday Times or seen me on Channel 9 or heard me on the radio.
Sounds good, but what will it cost me?
It costs a total of $250 per year (inc GST). That’s less than $21 per month.You pay the total up front and then we get going from there.
Need more information?
Email -
Call - 0416 674 946

As a coach, I understand the importance of accountability, so when Tammy’s Permission to Dream programme popped into my orbit with the spotlight on ‘light-touch accountability’, I didn’t hesitate and jumped right in. Why so? Tammy is professional, thorough and incredibly generous with resources, In short, a great little programme that will force you to put the brakes on, look in the mirror, take stock, re-route and get back into gear again! CAROLINE CROSBIE I've been working with Tammy for a while now and the Permission to Dream program has been the best activity to date. It's allowed me to pave my career journey at a steady pace while still holding me accountable for my actions. It gave me the flexibility to focus on my other dreams but opportunities to reflect on the program. The exercises and reading material provided me with tools to encourage, inspire and challenge me. I truly enjoyed the year and look forward to working with Tammy again in the future. PERMISSION TO DREAM PARTICIPANT