You’ll get results thanks to almost 30 years of experience as a HR/IR, culture, change and leadership specialist

I have the experience, expertise and track record to help you achieve

For almost 30 years I’ve used my unique and versatile toolkit to help individuals, teams & whole organisations overcome challenges and reach the goals that matter to them.

For those who want the letters and technical talk, my toolkit includes Hogan personality, Team and 360 certification, IECL and ICF coaching accreditation, HBDI,  Extended Disc, Prosci Change methodology and Lominger Leadership and Team Effectiveness, Cert III & IV Investigations and a Graduate Diploma in Coaching and Leadership (due to be finally completed December 2021). Plus I am a licensed private investigator.

My work is so much more than letters and methodologies though. It’s about drawing on real-life experience, and the intricacies of all my past successes. It’s about using the right personalised approach to get the best results. More about this in the next point.

You’ll get results through a customised and personalised approach.

I listen. I tailor. We partner. You achieve.

To explain this point, I need to tell you about what I DON’T do.

I don’t repackage my programs, delivering the same solution rebadged with your company name on it.

I design an intervention for you. I stop. I think. And I mean, really think – outside the box, outside the square, indeed, outside the entire building! I look objectively and carefully. I find the best way based on past, vast experiences. This is something that isn’t written in a manual or can even be taught to others, it’s based on experiences and intuition, backed by expertise.

Sadly, many consultancy firms have one packaged approach that’s applied to all people in all situations. This works well for the consultancy firms, but not for the clients.. When I started my business, I knew there had to be a better way. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that will help every person or organisation in every situation. Every person, every team, and every challenge is different. Therefore every solution must also be different. And those solutions need to be sustainable, so we can build lasting relationships for ongoing growth.

You’ll feel reassured by my expertise

I am the go-to expert for many media outlets

I am proud to be asked to provide public comment and expert opinions on all topics related to leadership, workplace culture, change and workplace related topics. For a full list of all my media publications and appearances, please head to the press room where you’ll find over 100 examples of my media articles or public comment.

As an expert in my field, I’ve also written two books;
– Enterprise Agreements – Made Easy
– Do What You Say You’ll Do

Still reading?

A few more things that you might find interesting about TTC…

This is my business, my NAME: Tammy Tansley Consulting. Your results reflect directly on me. I have an impassioned, invested interest in your    outcomes. I have a lot to lose, but a hell of a lot more to gain!

I don’t have a brand name. I have MY name.

And my name is your written guarantee that I’m going to put 100% into  everything I do. If I don’t, and things don’t work out, I have nowhere to hide! Thankfully I can continually stand proudly by my name, because I build solid partnerships and achieve consistent results.

As a current judge of the Telstra Best of Business Awards, and past Judge of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards (2011-2018) and Telstra Business Awards (2015-2018), I have the ability to assess a situation with objectivity and precision.

As a Telstra awards judge, I had the great honour of stepping into the world of a business, viewing it from all angles, and then interviewing shortlist applicants. How does this benefit you? Objectivity. Without it, I would never have been chosen as a judge in the first place. My objective eye, backed by my experience and expertise will help in all areas of your business.

I don’t engage in pointless jargon and HR mumbo jumbo!

While I provide tactical and strategic advice and support, it’s all in language you can understand.

Translating tricky concepts into simple terms is vital. Clear communication between both parties is the only way we can partner effectively, and get results.

Real growth. Real learnings. Real application in the workplace. That’s my focus.

Yes, the saying is true, you get what you pay for.

I am not the cheapest consultant in town, and I’m certainly not the most expensive. My services are an investment that will pay for themselves many times over, in the short and long term.

I don’t just talk the talk.

This point isn’t about needlessly blowing my own trumpet, it’s about having the humbleness to share an important fact: My business is thriving. This success isn’t a result of coincidence or luck, it’s a result of consistent action on a daily basis, year after year. Based on my own experiences, I understand some of the common fears and barriers to leadership success, and how to defeat them.

I have empathy and excellent communication.

Let’s face it, change can be difficult, and challenges can be hard. I will walk right beside you over every rocky road, with empathy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a straight talker. I will tell you how it is, even if it’s not pretty, but I do this in a kind and compassionate way.

I also have the ability to speak to anyone, of any level, in a manner which resonates best. Communication is the tool that will help both of us achieve common goals.  

I am energetic, innovative, pragmatic and have a ‘can do’ approach.

I love working with businesses who want to make a difference, who want to change and improve, and who want to see what’s truly, undeniably possible. As a result, I bring an energy and freshness to my work that clients love.

But, passion is nothing without tenacity. Some organisations, teams or individuals have deep-seated issues, and it can be a painful process to work through these issues, but avoidance only makes things worse. I’m committed to working with you, no matter how painful the process. That’s my passion. That’s my purpose

Giving back is good for the world.

We all have times in our lives, especially when first starting out where we need to ‘take’; whether it’s in the form of advice, people’s time, resources etc. But there also comes a time when we are in a position to give back to others. It’s a beautiful cycle that keeps the world turning.

Giving back is part of the fabric of who I am. I am involved in a number of  charities and mentoring programs in both Western Australia and nationally. My most recent board appointment is with Dismantle, and I’m a founding member of the Pets of Older Persons programme (POOPs WA).