The performance of your leaders influences the effectiveness of your people and the entire direction of your organisation.

Working with Tammy Tansley has influenced and help shape a competent and highly functioning leadership team. She continuously inspires us to be at our best. Her integrity and clarity instil great motivation and a clear pathway to excellence. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with Tammy.


Are your leaders
experiencing any of the
following challenges? They:

• Are technically expertised but can’t lead their staff
• Communicate ineffectively
• Can’t deal with conflict
• Think “It’s not my job” to deal with many important staff issues
• Lose confidence when faced with obstacles and setbacks
• Don’t allow others to show initiative or creativity
• Micromanage, and therefore hinder initiative and innovation
• Put their ego first
• Struggle to convert words into action
• Don’t recognize the need for change, or can’t steer change
• Are not accountable and blame others
• Don’t listen to staff or care about their wellbeing and outcomes
• Don’t encourage constructive feedback

Leadership is something that is hard to work on, while working!

Most leaders are constantly busy with meetings and deliverables, leaving little time for growth and self- improvement.

This is where scheduled coaching of individuals or small groups is important. (There is never enough time, or the right time, but not making the time comes at a huge cost.)

I provide bespoke training around leadership skills for supervisors, managers and the executive leadership team.I work with you to create leadership strategies that reflect work culture, KPi’s and values.

The training is practical and hands on, and while it can definitely be for the short-term, it usually involves transformation over a period of time in order to apply real learning and applications in the workplace.

Imagine having leaders who:

• Trust their intuition
• Feel confident in their own skin
• Have excellent decision-making skills
• Actively and regularly put their plans into action
• Lead their staff with courage
• Manage staff conflict with fairness and proficiency
• Address issues before they become big problems
• Encourage innovation
• Lead teams who feel valued and heard
• Lead teams who achieve greatness!

I can help achieve these leadership goals, and so much more.