Culture is the sum of what your organisation is now — the good, the bad and the indifferent, not what your organisation wishes it could be, or should be. These definitions of workplace culture are two of my favounrites:

•  Culture is “what you permit through action (or inaction) not just what you say it is”

•  Culture is “the way we do things around here”


When I was promoted to CFO, I asked Tammy to help me develop the skills and confidence I needed for the new role.With Tammy’s help I realised that I already had them, I just needed some assistance in unlocking them.Tammy and I worked through a number of diverse areas including conflict management, fear of public speaking, identifying and dealing with different behaviours, removing catastrophic thinking and effective staff appraisals.Tammy challenged my preconceptions, pushed me to do things I didn’t want to do and was not scared to point out when I was not following the path we had embarked on.As we near the end of this path I feel that I am a different person professionally and personally than when we started.My self-confidence, ways of thinking and general effectiveness have all improved significantly.I look forward to calling on Tammy in the future as I continue my journey of self-improvement


• Low productivity
• Sluggish indifference among staff
• Back stabbing and bullying
• Lack of creativity
• Lack of can-do attitude and innovative thinking
• Outright disrespect
• A general toxic feeling

A workplace culture that needs intervention can present the following challenges:

Make no mistake, culture can contribute to your organisation’s fortunes or failure. Importantly, culture isn’t just about words…

It’s no good saying, “Our organisation is progressive and innovative,” if every procedure, rule and policy is contrary to that. It’s no good stating that equality is an organisational value, if you have a huge gender pay disparity.

✓ Improves productivity
✓ Boosts morale
✓ Streamlines efficiency
✓ Reduces stress
✓ Attracts exciting new talent
✓ Helps you retain existing staff
✓ Inspires collaboration and teamwork
✓ Promotes positive communication at every level
✓ Encourages innovation
✓ Embraces change

I can help you create a positive workplace culture that:
I can do this by assisting you achieve:

Clarity around where your organisation is going — the strategy and objectives

Creating inspiring leadership

Implementing policies and procedures that support the culture not hinder it

Clarity around why your organisation exists — the vision, mission, values and heritage

Identifying behaviours that support, not detract from your organisation’s vision, mission, values etc.

Teaching great communication at every level of the organisation

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