Actions speak louder than words

Last week I heard from a friend who had, somewhat unexpectedly found herself out of a job.  A very senior executive in a high profile financial institution: both talented and experienced; it seems this institution despite many stated ‘policies’ to the contrary, couldn’t find a ‘meaningful role’ for her as she only wanted to work part time! Note, part time in this case is four days per week.

Where to start  with this? The hypocrisy of the organisation – that devotes millions to perpetuate their equal opportunity myth.  Or the short sightedness of losing all that talent and experience at a time where the ‘war on talent’ is an all too prevalent headline.

Perhaps the organisation in question should have read a document from Deloittes shows the ROI that an organisation typically gains from flexible working arrangements.  You’d think being in the money game, that the dollars and cents of such a move might have been considered.

Certainly they should consider the message the move has made to all those watching internally.

Equal opportunity, flexible working, high potential talent.. These words, policies, strategies are simply hollow words.

Always, always actions speak louder .. I wonder what this action says.

Postscript – since posting this, this morning – two more headlines on the benefits of women on boards and the war on talent!

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