All the Christmas behaviour advice summed up in one sentence

Don't be a dick.

Every year around this time, we are all inundated with “how to act” guides. How to act at your Christmas party. What to do if you’re working whilst everyone else is on leave. Etc etc. Each year, the behaviour gets more and more hysterical as HR sends out their emails.

But all this Christmas behaviour advice can be summed up in one sentence:

Don’t be a dick.

If you’re at a Christmas party, don’t get so drunk and do something that you will never live down. Whether that is telling your boss what you REALLy think of him or her. Or taking the opportunity to give your colleague a good grope or otherwise behaving like an idiot.

If you wouldn’t do it in the cold, sober light of day; don’t do it at the Christmas party. And remember, everyone should be able to enjoy their lunch/dinner/night without being subjected to behaviour that is cringeworthy.

For bosses. Advice can be summed up equally simply. Make sure that people have enough water and food to soak up the booze. Make sure they can get home safely. And tell them the one liner before you head out.

Christmas parties should be fun for all. They should be a celebration of the end of a year, and of all the (hopefully) hard work that has gone before. 


  • Employees – Don’t be a dick.
  • Employers – Help your team have a good night by putting in place the right conditions for them to enjoy themselves.


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