Book Review Series: Want to end procrastination, once and for all?

Eat That Frog— A book review by Pauline Tarrant

Take a moment to think about the purpose of your role (personal or professional), did you achieve what you needed to yesterday to contribute towards that purpose?  If like me your honest reply was ‘um, kind of’ or ‘no’ then please read on.

First published in 1988,  Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy offers up some timeless advice that has benefitted everyone I know who has read it.

The simple premise of this book is to think about your day and choose the biggest, fattest, ugliest frog and eat it first. This is meant figuratively of course and refers to that piece of work you know you need to get done but you keep putting it off (tax return perhaps?) If you do this when your energy levels are high you will get through it and the sense of achievement will help propel you through your day. Also the other ‘nice’ tasks that you love often require very little energy so you can still complete these with ease later in the day.

The book is an easy read (I managed it on the flight to and from Melbourne) and there are no revolutionary new concepts to get your head around – just simple common sense. The short chapters set out the things you know you really could be doing but a gentle reminder is needed to do them.

I challenge you to Eat That Frog, read this book – there will be something of use for you and the people in your life in there and the return on your investment of time will be ten-fold.

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