But I have no choice in the matter

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Long time readers of this blog will know that I am a big fan of Seth Godin. He writes simply but powerfully about a range of topics, but usually about the mind and how to maximise that for peak performance.

His post last night was about choices. It is reproduced below:

No choice

That’s an easy mistake to make and a tempting trap to fall into.

It’s unlikely you have no choice. More likely: There’s no easy choice. No safe choice that also embraces your potential. No choice you can make that doesn’t cause short-term misery in exchange for a long-term benefit.

When we say we have no choice, we feel trapped and we are powerless. That’s no way to do our work every day.

Do it or don’t do it. It’s up to you.



It’s an interesting concept, because far too often we hear the following:


But I have no choice …

As Seth says though -that is not really the reality of it.

The reality is that sometimes there are no EASY choices.

Almost always, we have a choice – as to how we respond, as to what we do, and what we don’t to do. And there are consequences to all of those choices.

Doing nothing is a choice in itself.

And too often what we really mean is that we don’t like the available choices. But that’s not the same as having no choices.

Sometimes, the solution is to be creative and look at things in a way that generates either alternative choices/paths OR reframes the situation so that the current choices are not perceived in a negative light. Working with a trusted family member or friend can help you with this. Or you can use some of the techniques I talked about last week.

Now as we know, this is not always easy. I had a “practise what you preach” moment over the weekend, where the “right” choice was most definitely not the “easy” choice.   And yes, I resisted. I made excuses. All the usual stuff.

But it is a funny thing; having accepted and committed to the new path, I have clarity about a whole heap of other things that were related to the original issue too. Sometimes it is our resistance to the change which adds “noise” and confusion into the mix.

So, this week, are there are decisions you’re struggling with? Are you telling yourself that you don’t have any choice in the matter? Could you reframe the situation and what would that look like?

Until next week, happy leading.


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