We can do hard things

we can do hard thingsOne of the amazing things about human nature is our capacity to surprise ourselves by how strong we are. But – we CAN do hard things.

Why do we avoid hard things?

Avoiding or putting off something that needs to be done? Maybe that’s because:

  • We have too much else going on to address it;
  • It’s unpleasant or difficult or complicated;
  • We are worried about how the other person will react.

Sometimes hard things do resolve themselves without any other intervention. A huge sigh of relief and life goes on.

But usually they have become hard for a reason, and time/ignoring it doesn’t usually make them any less hard.

Ringing bells?

If this is ringing bells for you on the work front (or maybe the home front). Take a moment to think:

  • What’s the issue – in a nutshell?
  • Best guess -what is stopping you dealing with it?
  • What would have to change for you to address it?
  • If it keeps going (or gets worse) what will the ramifications be?
  • What help could you get from someone else to help you move the issue forward?

And then, take one step towards addressing the issue.

Just because something is hard, does not make it impossible.

Want more?

If you’re still hungry for more you can find my leadership book here which has some great resources on conflict transformation. You can also read this article on how to resolve business conflict amicably.

And, if you would like to discuss how I could help you look at your leadership or help you with a hard situation, get in touch.

Until next week, happy leading.

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