Rachael McGann and I have been co writing ‘Enterprise Agreements – Made Easy‘ for the past six months or so. It is a go to guide for managers and HR practitioners who are negotiating their first (or subsequent) agreements.

This is an exciting time, as the early reviews are starting to filter in, and we can see what impact the book has on the most important people in the process – the end reader/user.

So, it is with absolute delight that I share this review from Deputy President Geoff Bull of the Fair Work Commission. The review completely sums up what we were hoping to achieve with the book, and gives a  good summary of what the reader can expect from the book.

This book actually achieves what the title suggests by providing the reader with simple to understand guidance on the process of negotiating enterprise agreements under the Australian industrial relations framework.

From researching, preparing and planning to the final agreement, this text has everything that a HR practitioner needs to confidently embark on the journey of enterprise bargaining.

The authors have cleverly used their practical knowledge and experience to provide a suite of case studies and checklists to ensure that all contingencies that may arise are covered from an employer perspective. The practical need to identify what is sought to be achieved with an enterprise agreement and the attendant risks of entering into a negotiating phase are all suitably dealt with in a forthright and concise manner.

With the essential technical knowledge provided and while leaving nothing to chance,  Enterprise Agreements Made Easy is free from legal rhetoric and extensive references to case law and statutes, enabling the reader to concentrate on the principles of enterprise bargaining.

For the HR practitioner or operational manager all aspects of dealing with employees, unions and senior management are covered, including what is commonly overlooked in securing the support and commitment of the senior executive team before commencing the task of securing or replacing an enterprise agreement with employees.

This text is an essential and contemporary reference book for any novice negotiator and a handy reference tool for the more seasoned practitioner and will indeed make the task of enterprise agreement making an easier exercise!”

Want to buy a copy? Click here to be taken to the book website – www.easmadeeasy.com.au

Until next time..