Generosity and success

On today’s blog, we talk about generosity and the impact that this can have on your business. It might sound counter intuitive; but increasingly there are examples of businesses who are both successful and generous. And I argue, their generosity has been a key factor in their ongoing success.

This week I came across a marketing consultant who in addition to her paid offerings, provides significant value adds for free.   I had known about her for some time and was interested to find that one of her stated organisational values is generosity. Certainly works for her.  She lives what she preaches.  And she reaps the rewards.

There are, or course, examples of organisations that choose not to take this approach and put their own organisational needs before those of others.  This is a completely legitimate approach; we are in this to make money after all. But I wonder the impact that being less generous (even if it is completely legitimate to do so) has on the longer term relationships these organisations have with their suppliers, customers etc.

When I started to think more about this topic; it occurred to me that no less than three of my main suppliers practice generosity as part of every day business.  And that I continue to go back to those suppliers despite being able to find cheaper products elsewhere.

Of course, part of this is just every day marketing and loyalty management.  Nothing too special there; but increasingly with the companies that are truly going from strength to strength I am noticing something more than just “how to keep your customers 101”; it is something more about generosity of time, spirit and attitude.  Something about forging genuine relationships rather than one off transactions. Something about the understanding the nature of reciprocity.

It’s a welcome trend. Long may it continue.

Have you come across examples of generosity of spirit, attitude or time?


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