Getting out of your own way


It’s a question I get asked all the time. What is leadership coaching?

Mainly, I say, it is about getting out of your own way..

What does that mean, they ask?

This is what getting out of your own way means

It means accepting that whilst we may genuinely want to change or act in a different way, our brain is often operating in completely the opposite way.

And that much of the difficulty associated with change is actually our own thoughts, beliefs and actions that are operating way below the surface.

It means accepting that:

  • At times our own thoughts and self beliefs are not useful to where we want to go.
  • Our brain will often confuse fear of the unknown with the primal flight vs fight.
  • Self sabotage is an often used technique of the brain to keep us “safe”.
  • The brain is very clever at coming up very rational responses to why we shouldn’t do something, again to help keep us “safe”.
  • Some of this stuff is hard. It will take time and effort.
  • There will be failures along the way. But you are not a failure if you fail. It is part of the process and the learning.
  • There is discomfort associated with change.
  • Whilst we often look to point fingers at others, change almost always starts with ourselves.

So how do you get out of your own way?

The good news is that we can get out of our own way.

Usually, this is by identifying what we really want – and more importantly – why.

And then diving deep into what our brain is actually telling us about that situation. This means having to be truly honest with yourself, and being able to sit with some discomfort; but almost always shows the true path forward to where you want to go.

Leadership coaching simply gives a framework and a safe place to work through the above process. It helps you identify what you want, why and then helps you with the getting out of your own way – so you can achieve it.

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Tammy Tansley

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