How do others experience the change I am trying to introduce?

A very long term client is doing renovations which means their security gate has been moved, there is a new process to get in etc etc.

I went to see them today, and it was a bit of a faff — I had to turn around a few times because of wrong turns because of the changes, then find the entry gate etc, find someone to let me in as my security card hadn’t been reprogrammed etc.

It occurred to me that this faffing is par for the course when you are going somewhere new. In fact, we generally factor it in as something that is likely to happen; so leave a little earlier, look up the address before hand etc.

It’s when we are comfortable with the status quo that the change is annoying because our expectations of how it “should” be or how it “has” been are challenged.

As implementers of change, there’s often a disconnect with how others actually experience the change. But it can be a very useful reminder that change big or small can be discombobulating (a fancy word for confusing!)

What changes are you implementing at present that could benefit from a reframe — how are they being experienced by those that are impacted and affected by the change? And is this impacting how effectively they are being adopted? A bit of real life experience of change is often very useful!

Or to put it simply -how do others experience the changes that you are trying to introduce?

Until next week, happy reading.

Tammy Tansley
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