If it’s just in your head, you don’t ever finish the thought

What does coaching offer or bring?

I am running a programme for a client. It’s a new programme that mixes theory with lots of practical application. Much of it centres around coaching conversations; and how to REALLY listen. As part of the programme, each participant gets two 30 minute coaching sessions with me. The idea being, it’s hard to put into place a new skill that you haven’t seen in action.

30 minutes isn’t long – particularly in a coaching session, where sessions are usually 60 or 90 minutes at least.

But it’s about showing the process and skills will work in whatever time is available. It’s more how you use that time than how much time you have.

At the end of each session, I ask the participant what was useful about the process, and there have been a huge variety of responses.

But the one that has most beautifully summed up what coaching can do is this:

If it’s just in your head, you don’t ever finish the thought.

Coaching gives the counterpart the space to articulate a thought out loud and more importantly – the freedom to actually finish the thought and explore what it might (or might not) mean.

Many of us spend a lot of time in our heads; often feeling as though we are on a loop playing over and over, and not really getting anywhere.


If being on repeat sounds like you. Or you feel as though your head is filled with unfinished or unresolved thoughts, coaching may be a process that helps you sort through those thoughts to move forward.



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