I’m not good enough

I'm not good enoughIt’s one of the more common things that I hear from my clients:


I’m not good enough.

I’m a fraud.

I’m waiting for them to discover that I don’t know what I am talking about.


You might feel like this too?


There’s been plenty published on the insidious imposter syndrome and how it can play with your head with thoughts like those above.

Today’s quick tip for overcoming the “I’m not good enough” thoughts


Do you have a mentor?

If not, think very seriously about getting one.

If you have one – have a conversation with your mentor around when (note I say when, not if), they have felt this way in their career/life. I guarantee, that if they’re being honest, they will have felt this.

Then, ask them their tips for what they did to overcome it.

Often it’s a “fake it til you make it” type deal.

But, you’ll come across some other gems too.

And most importantly, you’ll realise – this isn’t about you.. This is the lizard brain and the way that it deals with fear.


Want More?


If you would like to discuss how I could help you with your lizard brain thoughts, get in touch.

And if you’re still  hungry for more on being a great leader, you can find my leadership book here.

Until next week, happy leading.


Tammy Tansley
I help give leaders the courage to lead & enable great people performance. Mum to 2 beautiful mischiefs. Long time wanderer @ the globe. Foodie. Runner. Blogger. Author of Do What You Say You'll Do, a book for new leaders and those reinventing their leadership style.

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