Lollipop moments and everyday leadership

Lollipop Moments
I am a bit late to the party apparently.  5,000,000 people before me have already discovered Drew Dudley, and his lollipop moments and everyday leadership.

If you too have yet to discover him, his premise in his TED talk is this:

We have made leadership something complicated and out of reach:

As long as we make leadership something bigger than us, as long as we keep leadership beyond us and make it about changing the world, we give ourselves an excuse not to expect it every day, from ourselves and from each other. 

And then he simply suggests that we look for lollipop moments. To both be the giver, and the grateful recipient of.

A moment where someone said something or did something that, you feel, fundamentally made your life better.

I love this.

It’s so simple.


Take away all the models and frameworks and fancy words. Take away all the books, and consultants and theories.

Simply – do good for others in a way that makes their life better.

That isn’t to say you become a doormat. Far from it. But equally, that you don’t think of leadership as something that is beyond your reach, job, remit, every day life.

It’s within all of us. Every day.



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