The smallest of things make the difference

What do employees want other than money?

Yesterday my daughter had two medical tests done. We were discussing the staff feedback form that was lying in the reception area, and she talked about each of the people she had encountered. There was one person in particular who she thought was really fabulous. And it was the smallest of things that he did that made the difference.

In the first test, the technician was pretty laid back about it all – and didn’t really explain what was going on. The second guy, the one she thought was really good – took the time to tell her exactly what was going to happen. During the test, he checked in with her regularly. He told her how long the next bit was going to be, and when she would hear from him next.

Such a tiny detail… “The next bit will take two minutes – and then I will check in with you again.” But, for a little girl, lying in a machine not really knowing what was going on, that was so reassuring.


So today’s takeaway – what tiny thing could you do to make a difference to your team? And if you don’t know the answer – maybe ask them. What would they want to know that would ease concern over a change, or angst over some gossip that’s doing the rounds?


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