A new change model

One of my favourite clients recently asked if I could help them develop an organisation specific change model.

They’d read a lot about change. They knew all about the ADKAR model, and even my suggested revised version of it. They’d read about Kotter and Switch, and of course they are bang smack in the middle of massive organisational change themselves, so they know something about the reality, not just the theory.

So we worked on developing something simple, something that made sense to them organisationally.  When we were finished, it looked a lot like the principles of appreciative enquiry. Which makes sense really – when you think how successful appreciative enquiry has been in change efforts over the years (more on that in another post).

Here’s a very simplistic version of what we worked on.. There’s much more to it, of course.  But this illustration is easy to understand and importantly, shows that change isn’t linear. It’s not a one off event. It’s not a fixed destination.

Change Model

So, what do you think? Would this work in a change in your organisation? Would it work for personal change?

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