2015 – the year that was

The thing I like about this time of year, aside from the Christmas traditions and spirit, is that it presses “pause” and then “reset” on the year. It gives us an opportunity to take breath and to reflect on what on has been. To hopefully learn any lessons and to be thankful for all that has happened that is good.

Oh 2015, what a year you have been. There have been amazing highs and dramatic lows; and for many people the year has been a difficult one.  And it’s true that my household and family has seen its share of wobbles over the year.

But looking back, I can only be grateful.  It seemed to be a year of firsts for me.

  • My first book was published — Do What You Say You’ll Do. And even better, people bought it, read it and liked it!
  • My other business, Help Me HR, had its first birthday and is beginning to really take off.
  • I had my first (and subsequent) article published for Flying Solo, an organisation I have long admired.
  • I commenced my Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Coaching.
  • I made some connections with colleagues that will become life long collaborations and friendships.
  • In fact, I tried so many different things for the first time this year: at work, with my writing, my public speaking, at home, with my family and friends.  Important note  — some I succeeded at, some I failed miserably!

And on the home front, more firsts:

  • I had both my girls in school for the first time; with all the attendant juggling and tears that go with that.
  • I managed to overcome a chronic back injury and go for my first run in two years.
  • I collected over 120 boxes of washing power from friends, colleagues, family and random strangers.. All in aid of this cause: http://givenow.com.au/zontahouserefuge.
  • I finally found a yoga practice that suited me, and worked out why so many people just rave about it.

Those who know me know that I bang on all the time about how lucky we are to be living in Australia; to have access to the healthcare and education system that we do. To live in and with such extraordinary natural beauty that it can be literally breathtaking (if you let it be). So, I am so grateful to live and work in such an amazing country.

I am grateful to my family who allow me the flexibility to do what I love every day. I am grateful to my assistant who despite a difficult year of her own, has helped me so much this year. I am grateful to the myriad of family and friends and colleagues and people in my life who help out in practical and non practical ways to get through what needs to be done every day.  I am particularly grateful to all the help and support around the time that the book was published.  There were so many people there, holding my hand.

And finally, I am grateful to you, my reader. There is no point in having a blog if there is no one to read it, so I thank you for taking time out of your day each week to read my musings, and I hope that there might have been some points along the way that might have helped with you and your life and your work.

So, 2015 has been an interesting year. I hope you can reflect back on your year and find good in it too.

And more importantly, let’s look forward to 2016; to learning the lessons from 2015 and living our best life yet.

Keep well, safe and happy over the festive season, and I’ll see you on the other side!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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