Want to be a better boss in seven days?

Want To Be A Better Boss?

A coaching client mentioned how there was this “one thing” that had really resonated with him from a book he was reading. He had tried this out – and just this one thing had made a spectacular difference to his leadership.

Which got me thinking.

We often think that being better at something means a total overhaul of what we are doing. But in reality – a tweak here or there is often enough to change the trajectory for the better.

So, without further ado; let me introduce – the seven day challenge to be a better boss.

Want to be a better boss in just seven days?

If you’re thinking that’s impossible, give this a go.. Let’s face it, what do you have to lose?

How does it work? 

Every day for seven days you’ll receive a short sharp email with something to listen to, something to read, something to think about & something to do.

At the end of the seven days, you’ll get all these packaged up in a useful workbook, with a few extra goodies. This won’t be one that you put on the shelf and leave to gather dust, I promise.

And did I mention this is all free

What next?

Sign up using this link. You will get an email when the challenge is about to start and the magic will happen from there.


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