What’s the biggest predictor of coaching success?

Coaching is increasingly acknowledged as one of the most powerful leadership and development interventions available.  So being sure that you’re getting your bang for your buck is important.

Not only: is there a ROI equation on the coaching? But increasingly, organisations are wanting to know the biggest predictor of coaching success.

What is the biggest predictor of coaching success?

Instinctively – you might think it is about the qualifications, accreditation and experience of the coach. Or their familiarity with your industry. Perhaps it is about the frameworks that they use or their particular approach to coaching.

And of course, all those things go into the mix in terms of what’s important and what predicts success.

But one of the biggest predictors of success is the chemistry and relationship between the coach and the coaching counterpart.

This makes sense of course – because coaching at its heart is about a trusting relationship where you can be honest and free from judgement.

What are organisations doing about this?

It’s why most organisations now have a coaching panel, where coaching counterparts can interview or “try for size” a couple of different coaches.

How are coaches reacting?

It’s why when meeting a coaching counterpart blind, with no prior relationship, a coach will often suggest meeting with a couple of coaches.

From a coach’s perspective, there is nothing to be feared by suggesting this to a coaching counterpart.  It builds trust and the sense that the coach is there to be in service to the coaching counterpart – not to sell their wares.

So, if you’re thinking about coaching for you or your team, it pays to have a few coffees first. There are so many different styles, personalities and approaches available. Without doubt, there will be a best fit.

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