Wrap up for the month

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What’s making the news work wise

  • Unions fighting for the right to disconnect from work.
  • Don’t have bare shoulders at work…  Where to even start with this one?
  • Harassment in the workplace. Examples of it happening, lots of talk about what to do to make it better. The PM finally responded to the Respect @ Work Report from last year. Progress?? Maybe…
  • Remote working ..how to make it work in the long term… Microsoft’s 2021 Trend Survey says 70% of employees want some form of flexible working to stay..
  • Corona virus .. Return to work.. Vaccinations.. Can you require an employee, can’t you? (Expect this to be on the list for some time to come as we flip flop around on the law and what it all means)..

Food for thought

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The right to decide when we engage and connect with our employer sounds like an imminently reasonable thing, but is it that easy? Whilst the ACTU and public sector unions continue to push for the right to disconnect, employers say that’s not how the modern workplace operates. Meanwhile, employees are stuck in the middle of wanting to meet their employer’s needs whilst increasingly finding that the line between work and life is blurring.  I spoke to JB at Triple M about the dilemma that is the modern working world.

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