Your year in review

Your year in reviewIt can be tempting this time of year to focus on all that we didn’t achieve. Whether that was specific goals or a general sense that ‘more’ could have been done. We also tend to forget all that we did achieve, and disregard any progress that has been made. So let’s do a quick exercise of your year in review.

Your year in review

Grab a notebook or a piece of paper and a pen. Go and find a quiet place to sit and scribble for ten minutes or so. If you use a diary or a calendar on your phone, flick back through that.

Did you start the year with specific goals in mind? And if so, did you achieve any progress towards those? Even if you didn’t ultimately get where you wanted to get – was there progress? Steps forward?  Action taken?

If you didn’t make any progress at all- can you identify why? Did other things overtake you that made it your specific goal impossible to get to? Or were you not really that committed to the goal in the first place? Was it maybe not the right goal for this time? Or were there other factors that impacted on your ability to achieve it that you needed to get sorted first?

However you started the year intent wise, have a look back now.

  • What did the year throw up that was good?
  • What was not so good?
  • Have a look at what you’re proud at either achieving or overcoming.
  • Was there anything specific you achieved or is it an achievement to simply have made it through the year?
  • Are there any areas of your life where you have made any steps forward or taken action or changed things up?
  • What happened at work, at home, study or volunteering?
  • If you’re feeling a bit down about progress, are you sure that it’s not because you are comparing yourself to someone else’s story or life?

Chances are, when you start looking, there has been progress or movement forward. Even if that movement is that you have managed work, life, family and other commitments and made it out the other end.

We tend to forget what we’ve achieved so very quickly, whether that is a project completed, a study unit finished or involvement in an voluntary event. If you add all these smaller bits together, you can see evidence of progress and movement. 


  • Go through your diary or calendar – what key projects did you complete?
  • Were there other things you did this year over and above what you would normally do?
  • If there were things that you didn’t achieve, can you put your finger on why?
  • If there was something that you’re really disappointed about not achieving – how can you can make progress towards it?
  • Keep a list of what you’ve achieved. Progress you’ve made. And when you think that you haven’t done ‘anything’, have a look back it..
  • Make sure you’re not comparing yourself to someone else.


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