Why write a book on negotiation? Enterprise Agreements – Made Easy

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Why another book on negotiation?

Rachael McGann and I are speaking at an event today where in part we discuss: why did we write this book? Why was it necessary? After all, there are many many books on negotiation. Why the need for another one?

Where Enterprise Agreements – Made Easy is different is that it is not about how to negotiate per see. It doesn’t delve far into negotiation techniques. There are many great books for that purpose.

What it does do is position negotiating an enterprise agreement as an integral part of an ongoing workplace relations or people strategy. It also positions negotiating an agreement as a project that should be planned and prepared for like any other project.

The book is about all the bits that go around the negotiation that set a negotiation up to succeed or fail.

What’s in the book?

The book is concise and provides readers (those that will lead and those that will help plan and prepare for a negotiation) how to go about the negotiation in a step by step manner.

Each chapter has an explanation, key points, relevant case studies and a checklist..

Chapter Headings of Enterprise Agreements – Made Easy

1 – Preparing the Organisation’s Negotiation Team

2 – Research, Research, Research

3 – Planning Your Approach

4 – Preparing the Organisation’s Leaders

5 – Contingency Planning

6 – The Technical Elements

7 – The First Meeting

8 – The On-going Negotiations

9 – So It’s All Over

Additional Resources

What others have said

I have previously linked to the review from Deputy President Bull of the Fair Work Commission and Kylie Groves, Partner at Squire Patton Boggs. We have also received one from the Secretary of the Industrial Relations Society of WA, Sally Pedlow.

Want to buy the book?

Our website has all the information you need. Click here to be taken to it.

Until next week, happy leading.


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