Wrap up for the month: May (already???)

What’s making the news work wise this month

  • Pet-etenrity leave– this one has made a bit of a comeback from the beginning of 2020 (remember that – the days when we talked light heartedly about such important work related issues such as leave for pets).. And it’s back again!! My prediction is that increasingly we will see employers offer this sort of benefit.
  • The impact of flexible working continues to be talked about and researched. Good news, I think. We need to find the balance between what is effective for organisation and employee, and what is destructive. Here’s an example of what’s being talked about: working 6 days a week?

Food for thought

Part of my success as a leader and one of the things I always talk about is kindness.

That doesn’t mean there are no rules, or people aren’t accountable. It doesn’t mean that we have no boundaries or people can fly under the radar. What it means is that we set clear expectations, we give honest feedback. We encourage growth, build human connection, and we push people beyond where they think they can actually go – that is what kind leadership means.

“That’s where I think so many leaders get it wrong. They think it’s a fluffy word that allows people to do whatever they like, and it is not at all. It’s a very, very integral word to great leadership.

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What I am reading in June:

Digital Body Language – Erica Dhawan. Why I’m reading it: I attended a presentation by Erica, and she’s brilliant. Sensible and pragmatic. This book is all about how we successfully navigate the online world. She has heaps of resources on her website. We know lots about how to read body language in real life (although not always successfully), but online is a whole new ball game.. This book is a book for our times.

The Code Breaker– Walter Isaacson – a book on Jennifer Doudna. Why I’m reading it: I don’t read enough on science type books. I don’t understand enough about the research that’s happening that affects us all. This book is (so far) beautifully written and interesting. It’s a thick book and one to concentrate on. But a good one to perservere with I think!

Delivering Happiness – Tony Hsieh. Why I’m (re)reading it: so much of my work these days is on workplace culture and the Zappos culture remains one that is interesting because it was intentionally and deliberately created.

Tammy’s news

in the media

I talked to Tod Johnston on 6pr about eating at our desks.. Apparently 49% of us think it’s ok. 13% think not ok – unhygienic and smelly.. I ended up in this camp.. Not just because of my dislike for the smell of curried egg sandwiches 😉 but because we need to get up and move. Our brains need it. Our bodies need it. Our bottoms need it.. And it’s not good to be stuffing food in when we’re working. It’s not, as they say, very “mindful!”

new leadership programme

My colleague, Jaine Edge and I are collaborating once again to bring you a new leadership programme:

Moving into Management – a six month programme.

Our first cohort filled up in less than 48 hours. We are now taking nominations for the second cohort of this programme.

This programme is all that you hope a leadership programme would be:

  • face to face modules, supported by online learning to enhance the pre and post work of each module;
  • leading edge, up to date organisational, psych and behavioural theories with a practical application back in the workplace;
  • a toolbox of skills to practise and implement;
  • connections and collaborations with fellow participants during the programme and beyond;
  • engaging facilitators and guest speakers

Find out more by clicking here: JETTG MiM flyer August dates


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