Year: 2016

New year, new you, new leadership approach?

This can (and should) include the little triumphs as well as the huge accomplishments. And because life is more than just work, include life in its round. We get so caught up in life, and in moving forward, we forget to look back in our constant striving to move forward.

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Enterprise Bargaining – Why All the Fuss?

It means creating a communication and engagement plan that ideally dovetails with other people strategies so that it’s a seamless and consistent approach to communication and consultation,
rather than an afterthought in response to employee discontent or grumblings.

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Why does flexible working not feel that flexible?

Despite the data showing us that flexible working is a good thing for all of us (not just women with kids); and that the benefits to both the organisation and the individual can far outweigh the inconvenience; still there is the lingering perception that flexible working just doesn’t feel that flexible. So, how do we change the perception of this and make flexible working something that we can all benefit from?

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How to turn a technical expert into a leader

Nothing kills the passion for those who move from high performing specialist to leader, more than discovering that they are a dumping ground for managers above and reports below. Passion comes from “freedom within the framework”; when they’re told broadly what needs to happen and why, but the how is largely self-determined.

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The elements of a high performing team

What are the elements of a high performing team? And how do you get there if you have a team which is not performing well? These are questions that get asked often as people struggle with how to maximise productivity and cohesion of a team (old or new)!

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Managers – the long suffering meat in the sandwich?

If there was one skill that organisations want, it’s the ability to introduce change successfully and sustainably. To have an organisation that is change ready and embraces change. Organisations spend a lot of time and money trying to build a culture that welcomes change rather than resist it.

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