Year: 2017

How to keep your cool when someone is being a d!%k

The first thing to say is that mankind has been behaving badly since time began. It’s now just more obvious because we’re exposed to other people’s stories through social and other sources of media. You know when you buy a yellow car, how suddenly all you’re seeing are yellow cars? We see what we focus on, so if you start looking for idiots, that’s what you’ll find.

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How having a work uniform can make you a better leader

Research shows that making just one decision, reduces the glucose (or blood sugar) available in the brain to make the next decision. The brain doesn’t differentiate between how important the decision is – just that you’re depleting the supply of available energy. This means that by the time we have got to the point in our working day where we actually need to make an important decision, we’ve already used up some portion of our daily allocation.

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Having one of “those”conversations

Of course, these are often the conversations that we put off because we think they will be difficult, awkward or uncomfortable. And so things don’t get said when they need to be said. Feelings fester. Positions become entrenched. What was a smaller issue becomes bigger. What was fixable becomes less so.

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